Profhilo® represents a new kind of injectable treatment offered by Skin Deep Clinic. It is a super concentrated form of hyaluronic acid, containing 50% more HA than a typical dermal filler. Really there is no other product like Profhilo® on the market.

Wendy uses it to lift and remodel lax skin on the face, neck, décolletage and backs of the hands and the effects usually last up to six months.

“My face has never looked so good. That stuff is amazing… it’s even made my lines I hated under my eyes disappear.”

Profhilo® intervenes in the physiological progress of ageing tissue, where degrading elastic fibres and collagen occur, as well as in the case of compromised adipose tissues and where acne or scarring occurs. Injecting the skin with HA restores skin tone, elasticity and fullness which can happen to many of us as we age. Hyluaronic acid works like a skin expander and ‘fills’ the little depressions in the skin, giving an overall smooth and polished appearance.

Profhilo® is neither a filler or skinbooster, not in the traditional sense. This is the first ever injectable hyaluronic acid used for skin remodelling and treating skin laxity.

Typically two treatments are needed at 4 week intervals, with maintenance treatments at 3 to 6 months as required. The price per 2ml syringe is £250.

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